Software and Product Development.

Devtailor improves existing products and developes new ones. We create products and tools that modern businesses need.



Mobile Queue.

A mobile queue solution is the glue between the virtual and physical world empowering customers to act more freely, reserve a time with a service provider and understand where to get the fastest service. It allows for a seamless and efficient customer experience.


Paype Mobile.

Paype is a complete virtual loyalty card platform and marketing management tool, which allows businesses to create brand-oriented smart loyalty and gift cards, virtual vouchers and coupons on mobile phones and also use ID cards as a loyalty card. We focus on business solutions and developing Paype software according to each business need.

paype Mobile

Ticket Store.

Create events, accept bookings, and manage attendees with Ticket Store. Create locations and host multiple events from any venue. Allow users to search events by location, display maps on your event and location pages, user-managed locations and much more!



Moving Business Forward.

We use the latest technologies and always aim towards improving business processes and workflows with web and mobile development.


We have great experience in following domains:

Mobile Banking and Payments, Loyalty Cards, Marketing Management, Queue and Ticketing Systems, Timekeeping Services etc.

Grow Your Business.

We help businesses grow and take mobility further with great products. Our product development involves improving existing products as well as developing new ones to target particular market needs.



Developing Startups.

How to launch a startup when you don't have any technical knowledge?
Use our knowledge.
How to build a product and successfully take it to market without previous experience? We have learned from our mistakes so you don't have to repeat them.

We help build prototypes and products, lean startups and agile businesses.


How we do it?

A Breakthrough Design.

Innovation isn’t always obvious to the eye, but take a closer look at our work.
We can execute ideas both big and small from start to finish by designing and creating for (and within) context. Combining our deep technical expertise with your business domain knowledge we can create anything.

Full-Stack developers.

We have a deep knowledge in all steps from concept to finished product; to a fictional figure with a virtually unattainable skill set. We are familiar with the entire (full) stack and know how to make life easier for those around them. We are Full-Stack developers.

Devtailor Design.

Design involves putting yourself in the shoes of the user. It means seeing the world through their eyes. Devtailor Design shift the thinking from technology or objects to people. It’s based on what humans need to improve their situation— to make things better and easier. And involve thinking about the context in which they will be used. We think that good design observes people in context. It requires thinking how will people use this?

Design is an approach to problem-solving. It is a creative process of thinking backwards from people, that leads to design of a service, a product or something else, based on the conclusions of the knowledge gathered in the process.

Design may be more powerful that you think. Consider that every object in your home and office has been designed. How many of them were powerful enough to change the way the world works?

Technical skills:

iOS (Objective C, Swift)
Android (Java)
Windows Phone (C#, XAML)

Server-side development:
Java (Spring)
C, C++
C# (.NET)

Web Technologies:
HTML5 + CSS3 (Responsive)
Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS)

Mongo DB

Cloud & hosting:
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

Web, Mobile App and Software design
Product Prototyping and Development

Whom do we do it for?

Partners and Clients.

We enjoy working closely with our partners, creating products what they need and promote their businesses. It’s not unusual for our relationship with a client to grow into a long-term partnership where we act as an extension of our client company.


"We create new products and business models."

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